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Three down and one more to go. Yep guys, this is the last and final stroke in this 4 part series. Gosh! How time flies! Saying that makes me feel nostalgic already. (Sniff. . .sniff. . .) Anyway, I hope you have all grasped a lot throughout this series. Jokes aside now. Let’s get down to business.

Throughout this series, we haven’t heard a tiny wee bit from the in/ significant others (delete as appropriate). Well, there’s no need to hit me with a bottle for that since today is their day. Today, these PLAYERS (or what Nyariki would like to call themists) will tell us what they fancy in treating their ladies as FRIENDS, GIRLFRIENDS, WIVES and as SLAVES. What charms (if any) do they possess that makes these ladies stick on them harder than glue instead of ticking off or even budging away from them.

Let’s meet Denver*. Remember him from part 3? His FRIEND was Lisa*. Well, today I met Denver* at the Students’ Centre. He did not appear quite busy so I thought to myself, “Why not have a chit-chat with him? Who knows, I might just get the answers to the questions within me?” As his norm with ladies, he greets me with a hug, a bit too tight of a hug if I may add. A guy passes by and only gets a snappy wave. That’s so typical of him when in the company of the female species. So I gather my guts and inquire about the snazzy Lisa* but contrary to my expectation, the guy is taken aback for a while.

“I haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her to the bone. Have you seen her?” he asks me, tears pricking his eyes.

So even players miss the ladies they once took for granted, huh? That’s peculiar. I thought that they just used them, dumped them, then became history, but I guess not. It’s funny how karma has a way of getting back at these dumbos. He regrets having been such a duffer as to let a jewel like Lisa* slip through his fingers. He was just gutless not to have told her what was in his heart; that he loved her, was in love with her and never wanted to lose her. He now wants me to convince Lisa* to take him back but I can never be part of such shenanigans. If he loves her as much as he claims, then he might as well man up and tell that to her himself.

In addition to that, I also got to find out that another category of guys who treat their ladies as FRIENDS also exists. Tony* tells me that Ivana* has been on his neck since first year, insisting that they become an item but he is just not for the idea. He says she is too available and way too desperate. Though he’s never said yes or no to her, he treats her as he would his girlfriend (though they are just FRIENDS) just so she can stop nagging him. After all, he’s never said that he loves her so there are no strings attached.

Remember Stacy*? Frank* always treated her like his GIRLFRIEND but she had frequently busted him cheating on her, thus decided to call it quits. I interviewed Frank* concerning this and here’s what he had to say:

“I seriously can’t explain what’s happening to me. Every time I cast my eyes on a beautiful lady I want to have her. It’s like a crave that I just can’t resist. I promised myself not to cheat on Stacy* again but I always found myself doing it.”

So why did he always beg Stacy* to take him back? For him, Stacy* possessed something extra special though he couldn’t explain what it was. Something that all the other ladies he had slept with lacked and he had now lost that “something” and would never have it, ever.

Call it hysteria but this guy needs to enroll into anger management classes as a matter of urgency. That’s just the epitome of male chauvinism if you ask me.

So what does your man call you: his FRIEND, GIRLFRIEND, WIFE or his SLAVE? Does he just love you or is he really in love with you? Why prioritise someone in your life when they just see you as trash in theirs? Figure that out.

The names used in this article are not the real names of the said individuals. Asterix (*) sign has been used for anonymity purposes.

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