Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don’t overcharge them, Major tells Matatus

By Nyamweya bw’Omari

The Chief Security Officer Major Rtd Benjamin Kiplagat, has strongly warned matatus overcharging students. He said this in a joint meeting convened on Monday after comrades complained about the fare issue.
It is said that sometime last week some matatu touts were charging sh. 100. Tables overturned after MUSO’s Sec Gen Rashid Omar, boarded a matatu on Saturday which is said to have overcharged the passengers. Pleads by the passengers to be refunded the extra sh. 20 shillings bore no fruit and this prompted Mr. Rashid Omar to phone the commanding officer, Kesses Police Station after which they were refunded the extra amount charged.
This attracted the attention of the Chief Security Officer and some Senior Administrators who immediately intervened to solve the misunderstanding.
For now any matatu charging more than the normal fare should be reported to the Chief Security Officers office for action. Students have also been advised to restrain from boarding matatus in excess.
The meeting was convened by the Chief Security Officer and Mr. Rashid Omar.



arts discourses are not important think about language skills. This is one area that the minister for higher education needs to revise. Don’t you think the way he uses language needs a communication manager to edit his texts? Barely a month or so ago, the minister for higher education Hon. William Ruto fiercely attacked courses that have no connection to science and technology. He termed them as being irrelevant and not inclined to vision 2030. Leave alone the mentioning of anthropology as an example; what about the withdrawal of HELB loan from the so called students taking `irrelevant` courses.

The philosopher thought so much about life before concluding that life is a stage and everyone has a role to play. People are differently and specially talented: a doctor, an engineer, and a journalist as I am economist, others anthropologists etc. all these need equal chances and opportunities to realize their dreams.

ven Paul the apostle warned the church that every part of the church is important. Just like the human body cannot be complete without a finger the same is true when it comes to the courses. An engineer needs a marketer to market his car; a doctor needs an anthropologist to implement his prescriptions. There are many other occasions where each and every course is dependent on each other.

The minister should be reminded that' HELB’ is not a gift but a loan to be repaid dearly with some interest. Furthermore, all Kenyans pay tax regardless of what course they are undertaking.

Tourism has been for years among the best revenue earners for this country.7whenever you

go around museums, reserves, game parks and historical sites you are served by anthropologists. Also the things that you find are preserved by anthropologists. Think of planning for the future using the past and resolving conflicts through historical based solutions. All this is a burden that an anthropologist carries professionally in the society.

Following the above don’t you think the minister inverted his statement that was purported to mean conjuring for increased budgetary allocation to the ministry to improve facilities and enhance research for the benefit of those students? Also bettering art based studies by building labs for carbon dating and fossil preservation among other problems facing students far from the arts disciplines.

Should we keep quite when pricked and scratched in our deepest wounds? This should be the time for university students to show their reaction to national issues rather than petty issues. The MUSO constitution states that one of the functions of the Secretary General, and I quote is to” Maintain contacts with all other Universities and to be responsible for foreign affairs.”

What are our leaders thinking about? Are they really serving the people or they are waiting for the people to serving them? Can’t our leaders utter even a phrase in media to remind Orengo of his comradeship life?

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