Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love That Went Sour


As the saying goes, men can share everything in their lives with other men except girlfriends, has indeed come true for one Dennis who is licking his wounds after his long engaged lover decided otherwise. The following is a true story of a man whose dreams, energy, time and resources have been sapped, not by accidental or unpredictable cause, but rather as a result of wholeheartedly devotion to someone, who unfortunately has deemed it worth and timely to call it a quit despite the endless showers of love, endurance, patience, tolerance and storm of difficulties that both of them have encountered and endured in their lives.

Dennis is an industrious and enthusiastic young man, aged 27, an IT specialist based with a prominent firm in Nairobi. His long trip to Moi university Main campus recently was not to collect results on behalf of someone or as a parent called upon to hear his son’s or daughter’s case in the senate chambers, but rather to dig into the truth of the flying allegation around, of his girlfriend developing illicit affair with another male student. And he categorically recounts how and when he met, now the estranged wife.

The lady whose name has been withheld, he says met together five years ago when the lady paid a short visit her cousin, who was a student at Kenyatta University then. What started as friendship between the two, thereafter blossomed into a real love. And being the caring man he was he could not resists the urge to know why the girl, who was still young and bright was no longer schooling. The revelation of the girl of how her family were from a humble background and the unfortunate fact that her KCSE results was quite below the bar, to allow her to join any tertiary institution, drew Dennis even more close to the girls heart.

First semester, first year he says the relationship was flowering well, they visited each other regularly, until the girls friends and area mates took notice and got acquainted of her fiancé who was supporting her financially. Second semester, this year on January their relationship started to rock, after the lady went cold and jammed their usual communication line, and whenever she picked his phone she could excuse herself with. assignments and cats, even on a Sunday morningAfter doing his investigation he found out that, she indeed was seeing someone else, who was one of the former Directors in the former 24th SGC, a fact that the Director himself confessed to him and asked for forgiveness, after discovering that the lady was married with two boys, 5years and 2years old respectively.

Having found a place in his heart to forgive the lady for her misdeed, he allowed the relationship to pick on once again, without envisioning anything untoward on the way. And no sooner had the squabble abated, than the lady went back to her old incorrigible flirting habits again. And this time not with any Director, but with a male student currently a fourth year and a prominent official of a certain Association here in campus, as he discovered this semester. A thin film of perspiration drops from his face as he continues. Through his impromptu visit few days ago, what met his eyes was enough confirmation beyond any doubts of what was going on. His supposed wife was in each others arms, accompanying each other like true lovers heading towards the C houses where the dude resides, unknown to the lady of his presence and other prying eyes around.

The following day he decided to surprise her. And surprisingly enough, on combing through some of her messages on her phone, he is greeted with sweet love messages and serious underway plan to abort a foetus from the guy, name withheld. Charged with fury he confronts the lady who evasively denies of any existence of pregnancy, and thus prompting him to furiously ask the clandestine man, who then arrogantly responds to his question over the phone, that he could even marry the girl and give her a financial support beyond what he has been providing to her.

A heart wrenched Dennis left campus precincts with some resolution; to leave the two in peace and resign from his job and two; to go a far away place with the their two kids and live elsewhere. Wind did reach him that indeed the abortion plan succeeded of which he confirmed positively to us through the phone yesterday.

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