Friday, September 30, 2011



1.Always travel light if you can or at least do not carry a lot of luggage when you know very well that you are travelling alone.

2.Do not eat too much when you are set to travel or buying everything that is brought to you at he windows, feeding on everything.

3.always carry a bottle of drinking water with you.

4.avoid the tendency of borrowing Newspapers from your seatmates, if you cannot buy yours, its so disgusting or if at all you must borrow, do not start filling the Crossword, Codeword or any other puzzle or doing any kind of writing on the Newspaper.

5.For men ,do not ask the lady her name first ,you should say yours first, its always good manners, or do not start a conversation with, “what is your name?” not accept any kind of food or sweets from strangers not engage yourself in too much conversation with strangers or everyone in the Mat .

8.Avoid making unnecessary calls to show off, learn to text in a Mat or you should not shout when making a call. It drugs you behind miles.

9.Always learn to put your mobile phone in silent mode when getting into a Mat. some ring tones are very funny and not everyone wants to hear them.

10.Do not remove your shoes in a Mat when travelling.Your shoes may stink very bad indeed.

11.Do not pass out gas in a Mat, be it silent or loud, nobody needs it, trust me. Just try to control yourself.

12.Do not yawn with your mouth so wide open, or coughing without covering your mouth.

13.Do not blow your nose so loudly.

14.Do not apply make up or spray yourself in a Mat.

15.If you can ,always carry a P.K with you when travelling.

16.Always excuse yourself after sneezing.

17.Do not have a tendency of falling asleep in a Mat,if you must really sleep, “sleep well”

18.If you have a cold always carry your handkerchief with you, do not use your hand to wipe out your mucus, its disgusting.

19.Do not insist speaking to a lady if she is not interested in you, maybe you have a bad breath, so you may make her change a Mat.

20.However funny the statement, do not laugh out so loudly till everyone starts looking at you, or you disturb everyone in a Mat.

21.Just eat your groundnuts silently, do not engage yourself in too much conversation, you may end up embarrassing yourself.

22.Do not pick your nose in a Mat.

23.Do not spit inside a Mat. When you can do it on your Handkerchief.

24.Do not throw litter through the window ,keep it in your bag or leave them in the Mat.

25.If at all you must puke ,do it in a paper bag.

26.When in a Jam, do not develop a tendency of staring at people on the other buses and what they are doing or smiling at them.

27.Just pay your fare and avoid unnecessary shouts or embarrassments.

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