Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is madness


This is madness

Today we have bigger houses but smaller families,

We have more degrees but less common sense

We have more knowledge but less judgment

We have more experts but more problems

We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values

We have taller buildings but shorter tempers

We have fancier houses but broken families

We talk more ,love too little and lie too often

We spend more but have less

We have higher income but lower morals

We have more leisure but less fun

This is more madness

Hating all roses just because you got scratched by one of them.

To give up on your dreams because one of your dreams was not realized

To lose faith in prayers just because one of your prayers was not answered

To condemn all your friends because one of them betrayed you

Not to believe in love because someone broke your heart or didn’t love you back

Throw away all your chances to be happy because you didn’t succeed in the first attempt

Always remember that;

Another chance will come on your way

A new friendship will be established

A sincere lover will love you

A renewed energy is all you need

Be persistent in your search for happiness

The only sure path of failing is to give up

God is there for us always

Family and sincere friends are there

We need patience with our dreams

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