Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They are ruining my honeymoon . . .


John, my hubby resides in F Houses while I am a host in J. We have dated for close to a month now and so he proposed we have our honeymoon in J. He requested we have it for a week, which is the whole of this week. My roommate is not in school, and so we have decided to make good use of this once in a lifetime opportunity’s honeymoon!

Its Monday the first day of our honeymoon am preparing beef and ugali for his supper as its his favorite. Besides ,ugali is best for him knowing the task ahead of him ‘the games we play’ requires enough energy, else someone will be declared a persona non gratta if he does it awkwardly. Everything is set and hand in hand, we head to mama mbogas’ for some veges then to Soweto for some beef .

Its around 7.30 pm, am very busy slicing the onions as we want to have supper by 9.00pm. We want to have one of the memorable and longest nights.PAP! the lights go off .we wait for ;10 min,20 min,30 min,1 hr, 3hrs . . . no signs of lights. Ooh! I remember that I got contacts of most of the SGC members so I decided to make that call.’

WHAT!’ I run out of words .What have I heard? No lights until tomorrow morning. Its already 11.30 pm and all the tuck shops are closed. That implies that we have to spend the night hungry. What does that further state? A night without enough . . . as metabolism has to take place at a higher rate and since there is nothing to be broken down, we forego it.

Its Tuesday morning, I expect to find the lights on but oops!’Am made to understand that there was a problem with the circuit breaker and so we are going to spend the day without lights until 3.30 pm! What’s even more shocking is that they are introducing rationing such 2 wings must prepare their supper as early as 6.00 pm because there shall be no lights as from 7.30 pm .What’s even more saddening is that you can never know which wing is next.

What does all this mean? My babe will have to go back to his place as there are lights 24/7 and what’s more frustrating is that I can’t go there as he has 4 roommates while my roommate will be back on Sunday. They are ruining my honeymoon!!!

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