Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amongst The 25th SGC Directors’ enemies, none is worse than themselves


You may hate or like The 25th Students Governing Council (SGC) Directors but certainly they are a clique of individuals you can’t assume in campus politics even as they amuse and propel themselves to self destruction and to the wrong side of history of this campus, suppose it will be written one day.

Like the tenacious testosterone laden bulls which graze around the campus although a liter of milk still goes between shs.40-shs.50, the directors especially the Sec Gen and his Assistant never ceases to show their limitation in problem mitigation pyramid even when the odds are very clearly against them for fighting against a worthy cause. Ever since they stood up against the public wish for a transparent and accountable tendering process and had their way, they have been emboldened to lock on with any challenge and therein lies their waterloo.

As every good soldier knows, there is time to surge forward and a time for tactical retreat depending on the tide of war. There is time for war cry and a time to shut up and let danger fizzle away. I don’t know if the ever busy Directors especially Cyprian Obwogo still have a peace of mind to listen to country music- that if they haven’t veered off into jazz, salsa or any other genre of music associated with the elites. If they still listen to mwananchi music, they should heed counsel in Kenny Rodgers’ The gambler. They should particularly, pay attention to the chorus that goes:

“You got to know when to hold ‘em

Know when to fold ‘em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run.

The problem with our Directors is that ever since it dawned on them-whether real or imagined-that they are the kings of impunity and they can walk into any office in this campus to report those who criticize them, they have never known when to walk away or when to run, when to let other people play some roles or when to play them and above all “when to eat or when to give back to the society”. They have a penchant for going against the expectations and that is why they can wake up one morning-cheered on by supporters, hangers-on, sycophants and opportunists- and organize a retreat bringing together all the other fellow “thieves” from other Moi University constituent colleges under the Chairmanship of an Assistant Secretary General!

There is nothing wrong with the elites getting together after successfully succeeding in draining public coffers and stealing the shops, but there are a lot of issues and urgent students’ needs that they need to sought out before engaging in any form of celebration.

This is one SGC which will go down the history lane as being obsessed with credit seeking and very deficient in genuinely earning the credit through ethical ways. They believe so much in short-cuts and lack the intellectual capacity to formulate issues which might navigate us through this dark society.

When some students led by Oscar Karris initiated the idea of KENYANS FOR KENYA INITIATIVE –MOI CHAPTER, no sooner had they gotten the Dean’s approval than the credit hunters- Okeri Orina, Silas Ong’aro and partly Patricia Tuwei, hijacked the noble idea and your guess on where the little contribution ended is as good as mine. Nobody has ever taken the responsibility of telling you—the contributors—how much was collected, did it benefit the intended beneficiary or it was used to stock up shops and the chips cafes around which continue charging exorbitant prices!

Now comes the International Cultural Week-Moi Chapter. A committee has been formed whose composition is almost 99% members of SGC. As usual, the Illuminator will never report on who is in this committee, its mandate and the budgetary allocation but one thing for sure it will report how the event was successful and treat us to pictorial coverage of the Directors having a light moment in Guest House spending our MUSO contributions-one reason why I still have a fee balance of shs.200 since I know where this money will head to!

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