Friday, September 30, 2011

Kudos 25th SGC


Give credit where credit is due

The 25th SGC was constituted of members whom the students had a conviction that would propagate change in this university with a difference. By ensuring freedom of expression, freedom of movement and Right to life (by eradicating mashoka), shielding students from exploitation at several fronts including shops, chips cafe, and clubs among others. And ensure fast, efficient and equal service delivery to the students. Not forgetting to mention the slogan in every contestant’s mouth ‘’promote the spirit of comradeship.’’

The trust we bestowed upon you as our representatives to some level is not in vain. This gives me the reason to stand boldly from the crowd and say Congratulations. To some, that may be the least they ever expected to hear from me and soon they may label me a sycophant and sympathizer of the 25th SGC but all we must do is give credit where it is due. Facts are facts because they can never be fiction.

Alongside what others may view as their shortcomings, there are numerous achievements that the members of the 25th SGC have made and to that we say kudos.


We members of the press have earned freedom of conscience without fear of being suspended.

As opposed to members of the 24th SGC, members of the 25th SGC are easily available to the students

Up to the time am writing this article the mashoka terror has to some level been contained.

A student writer who was suspended during Dommie’s reign is back courtesy of TRIPLE M ,our current chairman.

The MU premier league is on. Courtesy of Mukholwe.

The dean of students issued a decree to all shops to ensure that prices are not higher than those at systems shop.

I don’t deny that we students deserve more, BUT are not the above listed and many more not mentioned, talking points worth words of congratulations? My answer is YES and so should be yours.

After congratulation comes more pressure to deliver and I cannot fail to challenge members of the 25TH SGC. Beware the students expect all that you promised and these that have merited you words of congratulations, to them, is just a lip service.

Students’ requirements

Revision of MUSO constitution

Stable power supply and improved security

Better service delivery at the dispensary and faster ambulance response.

A shield from exorbitant prices at the shops within and fare to town

Finance director: the students are questioning the automated financial system that you promised.

Academics director; ensure there are sufficient seats in the school of human resource development, lecturers are punctual, exam cards are issued in time to all students, issues of results and missing marks are sorted early enough.

Improved sanitation in the hostels H and J

Parting shot

Once again I say congratulations but remember that just as it is compulsory that every student subscribes to MUSO , so is it compulsory that you deliver.

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