Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Brace for hard times ahead

Kenya’s economy might be headed for a major economic crunch. This is after last week’s unprecedented shift of the Shilling strength against the dollar. Currently the exchange rate is a hundred shillings to a dollar.

This might translate into hard economic times in the future as Loise, a BBM Student puts it. She attributes the crisis the shilling is facing right now to high inflation rate, caused by increase in prices of basic commodities like maize flour, sugar, bread, rice, and cooking fat which she summarized as cost-push inflation.

Also demand-push inflation caused by shortages of essential commodities like petrol and kerosene. Karl Max a student who is her classmate, blamed the government for the deteriorating state of the shilling adding that it did not take quick and necessary control measures to curb the problem.

As a result prices of many commodities are expected to further escalate from where they are currently, a situation he pointedly fears might result into even major industrial actions in the country, as a result of workers demanding for higher salaries to counter increasing high cost of living.

Stinking latrines at Comfort Hostel

Comrades residing at Comfort Residence are again being faced with a hazardous health problem. This time round not electricity blackouts, but stench stinky latrines, emanating from the latrines, which are just but a spitting distance from their doors. They complained that stench coming from the filled up pit latrines, is giving them sleepless nights and so much discomfort in their rooms.

The irritating pungent putrid uric smell, they say, has forced them to skip cooking in their rooms during the day when the sun is hot or tightly seal their doors and windows with unused old clothes and cartons to prevent the bad smell from flowing into their rooms. They are now calling upon Health Director and Security and Accommodation Director to look into the pertinent issue

Low turn out at ‘’ Kadunda’’

Last Friday few Comrades graced the Bachelor of Boogies Kadunda that many had anticipated to attract many revelers from within and outside campus precincts. These was caused by unexpected fixed entrance fee of 150/=, quite contrary to the usual fee of one hundred shillings Comrades are used to.

The event organizers, who were fellow Comrades were later forced to bring down the entrance fee to 100/= due to public clamour outside the Student Centre, compounded by low turn up of the revelers on floor. Nevertheless the event picked on late midnight, with Homeboyz Djs and Exotic dancers rocking the house.

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