Friday, September 30, 2011

Muissa Under Scrutiny


Moi University Information Science Students Association (MUISSA) has been subjected to an audit following allegations by some of its officials that the Association’s money has been embezzled.

A committee under the chairperson of Rodgers Osewe has been tasked to carry out the auditing and shed light on the issue.

Muissa chairman and his treasurer have come under sharp critic from other officials who claim that the two have been conducting business of the Association, as a ‘two-man thing’ by deliberately sidelining them thus questioning their (chair & treasurer) motive. The vice-chair of the Association, Mr. Vincent Ogaya, raised the claims saying that there are grounds to read mischief from the two, and some members have now promised to send the alleged two packing if any misappropriation of funds is noted.

On an interview carried out on the chairman and his treasurer, they dismissed the allegations terming the officials as unfocused towards the Associations activities.

“These are people who are out to settle personal scores at the expense of the Association –something I cannot allow”, Aukins, the chairman said.

The enstranged finance director claimed that it was a political witch-hunt aimed at settling political scores carried on from their last election.

The audit committee unanimously agreed to do away with the ‘qualified auditors” who had been outsourced from PASSAMU and members of the committee claimed they had enough experience to carry out process. There was also a citation that that was an association’s affair and there was no need to include an outside body except the media.

The committee report will be covered on this space after the report from the committee is produced..

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