Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Campus Opening Date; 9th January, 2012


Classes expected to begin on Tuesday 10th January, 2012

By Nyamweya Bw’ Omari

Engineering students will be forced to stay at home much longer than expected. This is after the school was excluded from the 9th January, 2012 opening date announced today (4th January, 2012) by the Chief Academic Officer Prof. K. Ole Karei in a quarter-page paid advert in The Standard Newspaper.

The advert, carried out on page 11, indicated that classes will commence on 10th January, 2012 and any student, who will not have cleared on Monday 9th January, 2012 will not be allowed to attend lectures.

It read in part: “Moi University wishes to announce to all continuing students at (its) Main and Satellite campuses (except students in the School of Engineering) that the university will open for the continuation of 2nd Semester on Monday 9th January 2012. Classes shall begin on Tuesday 10th January 2012.”

It will be noted that most students and lecturers had not ‘reported’ for the first part of 2nd semester while some schools like the School of Business and Economics had, virtually, not opened at all as no lectures commenced in the school.

Students will this time round be forced to report back to school early as some lecturers might immediately start teaching to compensate for the time they lost in the first part of this semester.


  1. Oh God, what is happening in this university. As a first year having been in this school for two months, this is the most devastating thing. This feels so distressing!!

  2. Thanks Guys for letting this information out, Keep it coming, but this engineering thing is becoming a menace,unfair and a lacking thing in a school expected to be at heights,whats being done

  3. The university that never ceases to amaze...

  4. The university administration is demonstrating their incompetence and senility!Kudos to the old bones!!

  5. This site is on point! Keep us posted. But now,really,what nonsense are they displaying pertaining the School of Eng? This is bad publicity for the campus, they have no reason to keep the school closed,student's had every right to demand and demonstrate!!! They're keeping students home illegaly,a very serious matter and wrong on ten different levels!! Moi University adminstration or whoever is concerned with this case,you're nothing but a big,ugly disappointment,with all due respect. Sad but true!

  6. This is cool guys,you keep us updated...but school of engineering is driving us nuts.Any solution out'here

  7. I think all ABE students should report to chepkoelel campus coz this main campus nonsense is just too much

  8. people have mismanaged this university and are making the students in the engineering school suffer because they just cant do the right things. I have not seen anywhere else school being closed indefinitely because of such a minor issue,the kenyan government should do something

  9. The two top most 'waheshimiwas' concerned with the opening of this school,is this how 'saved' people roll? Our scriptures must be different. This is evil. EVIL.


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